During a visit to Italy several years ago, I had the privilege of being invited to a dinner in Verona with the incredible people from Bibliopathos Libreria Antiquaria. During that wonderful dining experience, a spark ignited…

The inferno that followed was a year of tests, many trials and many errors, formulae and fine tuning of modified equipment. Ultimately these efforts rendered a successful technique which embeds ink designs into fine quality book binding leather, a process considered the first of it’s kind in the realm of artistic fine bindings. 

The possibilities of this innovation are endless, and each binding is unique. The designs can flow from front cover to back cover, over the spine seamlessly. The entire process is done by hand, and the options for customization are infinite. 

As a collector of early printed books, specifically the Aldine Press, I posses a strong respect for the dedication of the printers, artists, artisans, and craftsmen that produced such treasures. I carry this respect deep within my heart, and I apply it to every binding that I create. 

I hope you enjoy them!


Aarom Von Hemmersbach

For more information, commission inquiries or purchase requests, please email collection@vonhemmersbach.com or use the link below.